Discovering Quarkus

30 November 2023

Retro mac


Well, that pretty much sums it up. The above heading is big and bold as you hit the landing page , and gives a fresh and exciting feeling to Java. Yes - old Java.

I have used Java for most of my developer life, starting out with Java 2 back in 2001. Things have changed significantly since then, and I am lucky to have stumbled upon Quarkus - albeit late. You see, things are not looking great for Java in the year 2023.

Other languages, particulorly Javascript and Python has caught most developers attention in the last few years. Frameworks such as Django and Flask on the Python side of things really made backend programming popular, while the creation of the Javascript runtime Node.js changed the roadmap for Javascript immensely.

Java has had its fair share of libraries and frameworks. For Java developers - Spring particularly, was the framework of choice the last few years. Personally I have gone from the old school way of creating multi-threaded socket servers using Java SE, to Java EE with Glassfish server, and then to Spring Boot for backend implementations.

After reading up and watching a few videos on Quarkus, I am really excited to try it out, and to start implementing some backend APIs using Quarkus. It feels like Quarkus could change the Java landscape, but only time will tell!

I am going to experiment with Quarkus a bit, and re-post some examples here once I have done some R&D!

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